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When and How to Apply Body Butter for Best Results

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Who doesn’t want a more soft and hydrated skin? Obviously, there are dozens of products available in the market to aid you with this, but body butter is a better choice. They are thicker and richer than a normal body cream. You can apply them if you have dry skin and maintain its hydrated for a long time. 

We will explore when and how you can apply body butter for the best results. Let’s begin!

What is Body Butter?

Body butter is different from creams and lotions because it is made from organic ingredients. It can protect the skin tissues and provide moisture to hydrated areas of your skin. Simply put, it is just a mix of butter and natural oils. Body butter is thicker and contains no water, which is why it is important to use it on damp skin. 

Determine your Skin’s Moisture Level

Your skin moisture level is determined by these factors:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Surroundings
  • Eating habits

No matter how great a body butter you are planning to get for yourself, if you have unhealthy habits, no goodness can come out of the product. To keep your skin hydrated, you must drink a good amount of water and eat a balanced diet full of vitamins and proteins. 

Although we all are fans of body lotions and body creams, body butter is the one that lasts longer. The essential oils present in it make it possible and emits the need to apply a lotion again and again. However, it is important to know when to apply body butter, so let us get on with it!

When to Apply Body Butter

If you are trying to figure out the ideal time to apply body butter, we are here to tell you:

After Showering or Bathing

One of the best times to apply body butter is right after you’ve showered. Your skin is slightly damp and more receptive to hydration. The steps are simple; you just have to dry your skin with a cloth and leave it a little bit moist. Then, apply the body butter and let the skin absorb it to lock in the moisture. Your skin stays hydrated throughout the day.


Before Bed

You should also apply body butter before bedtime, and this can maximize its effects. Your skin naturally heals itself at night, and the body butter can penetrate deeply during that time to nourish it properly. You can see the magical results when you wake up in the morning and this is possible by including just one element, body butter, in your skincare regime.

Before Heading Out

Now, if you are planning to step out of your house and weather conditions are not in your favor, you must use body butter as a protective layer. It is highly useful during winter or the harsh sun of summer. The body butter can help you shield your skin from environmental stressors and prevent you from losing the natural skin moisture.

After Exfoliating

Exfoliation is used to remove dead skin and smoothen the skin. However, after exfoliating, you must apply body butter to seal the advantages of your skincare process. Consider using it all over your body to lock your skin’s newfound smoothness.

How to Apply Body Butter

Now that you know when to apply the body butter, let us know more about how to apply it. 

Warm It Up

Body butter can be thick, and that is why warming it up is a good idea before using it on your body. The easiest way to warm it up is by rubbing it between your palms and then spreading it across your skin.


Apply sparingly

You should always start with a little amount of body butter and then keep on adding more as you go. Simply put, the reason is that too much body butter can leave your skin feeling greasy.

Massage it in

Once you have successfully put some generous amount of body butter on your skin, it is time to massage it on your body gently. Move your fingertips in circular motions to massage the body butter into your skin. Cover every area of your body, including elbows, knees, heels, and hands. 

Allow it to absorb

After applying the butter all over your body, you have to give your body some time to absorb it before getting ready to step out of the house. This will ensure it has a chance to work its moisturizing magic.

A body butter for your skin type

When you are planning to buy body butter, look for the one that is suitable for your skin. We all know every skin type has various needs; you should constantly evaluate what your skin needs and choose a body butter that can meet them. There is always body butter available for you even if you have a unique skin type.

Benefits of Using Body Butter

Here is a list of benefits of using body butter:

  • It can create a defensive layer over the skin and helps lock in moisture.
  • They also go deep into the tissues of the skin to provide a great amount of hydration.
  • It is the best choice to aid in minimizing wrinkles, necklines, and other significant signs of aging.
  • When you apply body butter, it can help you heal sunburns, rashes, eczema, etc.
  • If you have experienced scars and stretch marks, body butter can help you with them.
  • Conditions like flaky skin and itchiness can also be solved with body butter.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you understand better when and how to apply body butter, you must know what to look for in it. Since the cheaper ones can trick you into a chemical composition that can harm your skin, always use a high-quality body butter that won’t clog your pores. Note that a good body butter has ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, argan oil, etc. So, let’s include body butter in our skincare regime today!

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