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Top 11 Sunscreen Manufacturers in 2024

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As the global demand for skincare products continues to rise, sunscreen remains crucial in daily skincare routines, offering protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Choosing the proper manufacturer is essential for businesses providing high-quality sunscreen products. Here, we present the top 11 sunscreen manufacturers of 2024, tested and reviewed for their excellence in product quality, innovation, and customer service.



Zicail is a skincare and cosmetic product manufacturer prioritizing high-quality formulations by integrating advanced technologies with natural ingredients. The company is committed to creating innovative and effective skincare solutions that cater to the modern consumer’s needs while strongly emphasizing environmental sustainability. Zicail’s product range includes a variety of skincare and cosmetic items designed to provide comprehensive care and protection.

Zicail Website

Location: China, Guangzhou

Established Date: 1994

Key Products: Skincare products, Cosmetic products, Sunscreen products



Zicail has earned recognition for its dedication to combining technology and natural ingredients to develop high-performance skincare solutions. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in its product formulations, which avoid harmful chemicals and emphasize eco-friendly practices. Consumers appreciate Zicail’s innovative approaches and reliable skincare products, making it a preferred choice for those seeking advanced and sustainable solutions.

NF Skin


NF Skin is a prominent private-label skin care company headquartered in the United States. It specializes in a broad spectrum of skincare products, including sunscreens. Since its inception in 2009, NF Skin has been dedicated to creating high-quality, natural skincare solutions. The company’s products are free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and phthalates, making them safe for all skin types.


Location: United States

Established Date: 2009

Key Products: Skincare, hair care, body care, and pet care products

Customizable skincare bottles and jars.


NF Skin stands out for its commitment to natural and effective skincare solutions. Their sunscreens are known for their high quality and absence of harmful chemicals. The company also offers comprehensive brand services, including product formulation and packaging design. However, there have been some concerns about certain products containing high levels of mercury.

Valquer Laboratorios


Established in 1975 in Spain, Valquer Laboratorios is a renowned cosmetic laboratory and manufacturer known for its wide range of skincare and suncare products. The company operates FDA-approved facilities and uses only the finest ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Valquer Laboratorios offers both private-label manufacturing and custom formulation services, catering to the specific needs of its clients.


Location: Spain

Established Date: 1975

Key Products: Hair products, soaps, sunscreen, and perfume

Valquer Body Sunscreen SPF 50, yellow bottle.


Valquer Laboratorios excels in providing high-quality products and comprehensive support services, including product research and development, regulatory support, and marketing. Customers appreciate the quality of their products, though some have needed help with customer service responsiveness.

Pure Source


Founded in 1995 and based in Florida, Pure Source is a leading contract manufacturer specializing in sunscreens and other skincare products. The company operates a state-of-the-art 175,000-square-foot facility that adheres to strict quality control measures. Pure Source offers various product forms, including creams, lotions, gels, tablets, and more.


Location: Florida, United States

Established Date: 1995

Key Products: Sunscreen and other face and body care products, pet care products

A woman is applying sunscreen gel to her face.


Pure Source is praised for its fast production times and extensive range of products. The company’s on-site microbiology lab ensures that all products meet the highest quality standards. While their services are comprehensive, they can be relatively expensive compared to other manufacturers.

Zymo Cosmetics


Zymo Cosmetics is an Australian business-to-business provider that specializes in private label and contract manufacturing services for color cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance products. The company offers various services using the latest sunscreen technology, from formulation and development to packaging and design.


Location: Australia

Established Date: 1999

Key Products: Color cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance products

Zymo skincare products in vibrant packaging.


Zymo Cosmetics is recognized for its innovative, high-quality sunscreen products tailored to meet specific client needs. The company offers extensive customization options and ensures all products are tested and approved for safety. While its products are well-received, customer service has been noted as an area that could benefit from improvement.

Amarrie Cosmetics


Amarrie Cosmetics is a professional sunscreen supplier that has been researching and developing formulations for three years. Their products are known for being light and thin, with no false whitening, and they offer fast absorption and film formation.


Location: China

Established Date: 2011

Key Products: Sunscreen lotions for the face and body, with SPF 30 and SPF 50

Vitamin C sunscreen SPF 50 by Neutriherbs.


Amarrie Cosmetics is praised for its innovative and stable sunscreen formulations. Their products are designed to be lightweight, fast-absorbing, and practical, making them a preferred choice for consumers looking for high-quality sun protection.

Pure Velocity


Pure Velocity offers a comprehensive range of suncare products, including organic sunscreen lotions and sprays, lip balms, and specialty SPF products. They provide turnkey, one-stop-shop solutions, from stocked white-label options to made-to-order products and custom formulation and packaging solutions.


Location: United States

Established Date: 2004

Key Products: Mineral sunscreen, aromatherapy, skincare, and eco-home products

Daily sunscreen SPF 30, reef-safe formula.


Pure Velocity is known for delivering natural, high-performance suncare products. They guide their clients through every process step, from research and development to the brand’s first sale, ensuring quality and satisfaction.

Coral Safe


Coral Safe specializes in reef-safe sunscreens that protect the skin and the environment. Their products are designed to be safe for coral reefs and avoid harmful chemicals that can damage marine life.


Location: United States

Established Date: 2010

Key Products: SPF lotions and sprays that are safe for coral reefs

Coral Safe SPF 50 sunscreen, natural ingredients.


Coral Safe is highly regarded for its commitment to environmental protection. Their reef-safe sunscreens are formulated to protect the skin without harming marine ecosystems, making them a popular choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Nako Cosmetics


Nako Cosmetics provides private-label sunscreen manufacturing services, focusing on high-quality production processes. Through rigorous testing and quality control measures, they ensure all products meet high standards.


Location: China

Established Date: 1998

Key Products: Custom mineral makeup and sunscreen formulations

Sun Screen SPF 50 and After Sun bottles.


Nako Cosmetics is known for its meticulous production process, from ingredient gathering and mixing to sterilization and quality control. Their private-label sunscreens are highly customizable, ensuring clients receive products tailored to their needs.



Solésence specializes in mineral-based environmental defense skincare products, incorporating proprietary Active Stress Defense™ technology. Their products protect against UVA, UVB, pollution, and blue light while improving skin aesthetics.


Location: United States

Established Date: 2017

Key Products: Skincare, complexion, and cosmetics products

Sunscreen lotion dispensed from white bottle.


Solésence is recognized for its innovative and award-winning technology in skin health. Their sunscreens provide comprehensive environmental defense and are formulated to boost antioxidants and quench free radicals, offering superior protection and skin benefits.

Wild Child


Wild Child is an Australian-based company that specializes in pharmaceutical and cosmetic product manufacturing. It is TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and FDA-licensed, ensuring high standards of quality and safety in its production processes. Wild Child offers a range of products that reflect Australia’s natural essence, combining scientific innovation with high-quality ingredients.

Wild Child Website

Location: Australia

Established Date: 1997

Key Products: Baby, Body care, Face care, Hair care & Bath, and Suncare Products

Wild Child baby care product range.


Wild Child is recognized for its commitment to quality and safety. It leverages its TGA and FDA licenses to produce reliable and effective products. The company combines Australia’s natural resources with advanced scientific manufacturing processes to create products that meet high standards. This makes Wild Child a trusted partner for brands looking for premium pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing solutions.


These top 11 sunscreen manufacturers of 2024 have been selected for their excellence in product quality and service. Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, partnering with these manufacturers can help you deliver high-quality sunscreen products to your customers. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at Zicail and we will be happy to meet all your business needs!

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