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Top 11 Private Label Body Lotion Manufacturers for Your Skincare Brand

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After an extensive search for the leading private label body lotion manufacturers, I found that Zicail Private Label truly stands out, especially for those looking for a Chinese supplier. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction distinguishes them in the competitive private label skincare industry.

However, finding the perfect manufacturer can be challenging amid countless options. To help, I’ve compiled a list of the top 11 manufacturers, catering to salon, spa, hotel, and start-up entrepreneurs. This guide simplifies your search and assists in finding your ideal partner.

Dive into this carefully curated selection and unlock your skincare business’s full potential!

Manufacturer Review

1. Audrey Morris Cosmetics – Best Known for Its Innovative Full-Service Approach

Country & City: Canada

Established Date: 1965

Audrey Morris Cosmetics, established in Canada in 1965, is a renowned private label skincare and cosmetics manufacturer known for their innovative full-service approach and meticulous attention to detail. Catering to a diverse clientele, including salons, dermatologists, estheticians, professional beauty schools, and well-known makeup artists, they provide high-quality products with competitive pricing.

Company Image:

Audrey Morris Website

Key Product Line: makeup and skin care

Product Image:

Audrey Morris Cosmetics Product

Takeaway Note:

Audrey Morris Cosmetics is ideal for established brands, salons, spas, hotels, startups, and more looking for innovative, high-quality private label skincare and cosmetics. On the bright side, they offer a full-service approach, attention to detail, and competitive pricing. On the flip side, some clients may encounter limitations in customization options or a focus on specific market segments.

2. Xujohn Cosmetic – Best Known for Their Impressive Manufacturing Capacity

Country & City: China, Guangzhou

Established Date: 2006

Xujohn Cosmetics, a seasoned manufacturer with a strong R&D team, has developed over 1000 diverse skincare products and holds 21 patents. Their commitment to EU and FDA standards ensures high-quality, customizable formulas catering to various customer needs, such as moisturizing, whitening, and anti-aging effects.

Company Image:

Xujohn Cosmetic Website

Key Product Line: Face care and Body care

Product Image:

Xujohn Cosmetic Product

Takeaway Note:

Xujohn Cosmetics is a great fit for businesses seeking customizable, high-quality skincare products backed by a strong R&D team. Their impressive portfolio of over 1000 diverse products and 21 patents showcase their expertise. However, some customers may desire more localized or niche product offerings not covered in their extensive range.

3. Zicail – Best for Over-All

Country & City: China, Guangzhou City,

Established Date: 1994

Zicail, founded in 1994, has grown into a leader in the cosmetics industry, specializing in independent research and development, custom formulation, and flexible customization with low MOQ. We excel in custom formulation and prioritizes safety, offering high-quality, trustworthy products free from harmful ingredients.

Company Image:


Factory Image:

Zicail factory

Key Product Line: skincare and makeup

Product Image:

Zicail Skincare Product

Takeaway Note:

I highly recommend Zicail for their commitment to quality and innovation. Our customizable formulations and low MOQ make us an ideal choice for established brands, salons, spas, hotels, and start-ups looking for unique and effective skincare solutions. Our team of expertise and dedication to research and development ensures cutting-edge products that are safe and high-quality.

4. Vitelle Labs – Best Known for Spa and Skincare Markets

Country & City: Canada, British Columbia

Established Date: 1997

Vitelle Dermatology Laboratories Inc is an internationally recognized expert in manufacturing specialized, professional-quality products tailored for day and resort spas, medical spas, and eco spas. They offer custom product formulation and manufacturing, along with the largest in-stock collection of private label skin and body care products in the industry.

Company Image:

Vitelle Website

Key Product Line: natural skin care and hair care

Product Image:

Vitelle Labs Product

Takeaway Note:

Vitelle Dermatology Laboratories Inc. is best suited for businesses, such as salons, spas, and hotels, seeking professional-quality products with vast private branding and customization opportunities. While their diverse collections demonstrate adaptability and expertise, some customers have reported concerns about product packaging quality and functionality.

5. Anthem Beauty – Best Known for Its Comprehensive Approach to Beauty

Country & City: USA, New Jersey

Established Date: 2018

Anthem Beauty a leading global manufacturer of skincare, hair care, and body care products, is known for its talent, ingenuity, and high-quality materials. With two state-of-the-art facilities in the US, they provide a wide range of product formulations and packaging options, allowing clients to advertise their products as “made in the U.S.”

Company Image:

Anthem Beauty Website

Key Product Line: skincare and haircare

Product Image:

Anthem Beauty Product

Takeaway Note:

Anthem Beauty offers high-quality, U.S.-made beauty products and custom formulations for various businesses. Their diverse product range showcases innovation and adaptability. However, this extensive variety may pose challenges in selecting the best options for specific needs for your salon, spas, hotels start ups and business alike.

6. Durol Labs – Best Known as Premier Custom-Label Manufacturer

Country & City:  United States, New Haven, Connecticut

Established Date: 2010

Durol Labs is a premier contract and custom-label manufacturer specializing in high-quality skincare products tailored to clients’ unique needs. They offer a wide range of services, including private label, custom formula development, production, packaging, and distribution. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility adheres to strict GMP standards, ensuring top-notch quality and safety for all products.

Company Image:

Durol Labs Website

Key Product Line: facial care and body care

Product Image:

Durol Labs Product

Takeaway Note:

Durol Laboratories LLC. is ideal for businesses seeking customized skincare solutions, offering private labeling, formula development, and production with adherence to GMP standards in their state-of-the-art facility. However, smaller-budget businesses may find their customization options and high-quality manufacturing processes result in higher costs, making them a less optimal choice.

7. Gar Laboratories – Best Known for Their In-House Chemists

 Country & City: Unites States, California

Established Date: 1982

GAR Labs, established in 1982, excels in formulating, filling, and packaging a wide range of personal care products, with a focus on quality and compliance. With in-house chemists and a full-service laboratory, they ensure that all ingredients and finished products meet high standards.

Company Image:

Gar Laboratories Website

Key Product Line: Skin Care and Hair Care

Product Image:

Gar Laboratories Product

Takeaway Note:

GAR Labs is a top choice for businesses seeking quality personal care product development, with in-house chemists and rigorous testing procedures. However, they may fall short when it comes to reverse engineering, potentially leading to wasted time and resources. Clients may experience untested samples and incorrect formulations, causing delays and disappointment in product development.

8. Essential Wholesale & Labs – Best Known for Being Premium Natural and Organic Products

Country & City: United States, Oregon

Established Date:  2022

Essential Wholesale & Labs is a premium skin and hair care manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, specializing in natural and organic formulations for retail, wholesale, and DIY markets. They offer a wide range of services, from custom product creation to packaging and shipping, focusing on quality, sustainability, and science-backed formulas.

Company Image:

Essential Wholesale & Labs Website

Key Product Line:  body & facial oils  and creams

Product Image:

Essential Wholesale & Labs Product

Takeaway Note:

I have had personal experience working with Essential Wholesale & Labs and have found their customizable natural and organic skincare and haircare products to be of exceptional quality However, it is worth noting that their customization process may take longer and they may not be the best fit for large-scale production or stock options.

9. Cosmetic Solutions –  Best Known for Their Expertise in Cosmetic Chemistry

Country & City: United States

Established Date: 1991

Cosmetic Solutions is a renowned skincare, beauty, and wellness product manufacturer with 30 years of experience. They specialize in custom formulation and contract manufacturing, offering unparalleled private label branding opportunities. Their products are formulated, tested, created, packaged, and shipped from their FDA-registered, cGMP compliant, and ISO 22716 certified facility

Company Image:

Cosmetic Solutions Website

Key Product Line: skincare and body care

Product Image:

Cosmetic Solutions Skincare Product

Takeaway Note:

Cosmetic Solutions is a reliable partner for businesses seeking innovative, high-quality skincare, beauty, and wellness products, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. While their proven formulas and groundbreaking products can meet specific needs, some users may experience dryness and discomfort when using their products, even when following the recommended application instructions and using a moisturizer.

10. Pravada Private Label – Best Known for Simplifying the Private Labeling

Country & City: USA, Florida

Established Date: 2009

Pravada Private Label is a leading private label manufacturer of personal care products that offers a simplified process to develop your own branded line.They focus on safety, efficacy, and organic and naturally derived formulating makes them a trusted partner for fine spas, salons, and retailers worldwide.

Company Image:

Pravada Website

Key Product Line: skin care and hair care

Product Image:

Pravada Private Label Skin Care and Hair Care Product

Takeaway Note:

Pravada Cosmetics offers a decade of industry experience and a wide selection of product and packaging options for custom branding needs. However, their poor response time and unresponsive customer service, with delays of up to a week and technical issues, may cause frustration.

11. RainShadow Labs – Best Known for Premier Custom Formulation House

Country & City: USA, Oregon

Established Date: 1983

RainShadow Labs is a premier custom formulation house and is known for its high-quality personal care private-label manufacturing. The company values sustainable practices and ethical protocols, including no animal testing, using sustainable and biodegradable materials, and being powered by renewable wind energy.

Company Image:

RainShadow Labs Website

Key Product Line: skincare and essential oils

Product Image:

RainShadow Labs Skin Care and Hair Care Product

Takeaway Note:

If you’re looking for a private-label manufacturing partner that prioritizes quality, sustainability, and ethical practices, RainShadow Labs is an excellent choice. With a wide range of services and technical support, they can assist you with product development, packaging procurement, and logistics. However, some customers may find their location in Oregon inconvenient for shipping and may prefer a closer manufacturing partner.

Tips When Choosing Private Label Body Lotion Manufacturers

According to a market analysis report, the global body creams and lotions market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.80% during the forecast period of 2022-2029. So, I’ve put together some top tips when choosing private label body lotion manufacturers. Let’s dive right in!

#1 Research and Shortlist Potential Manufacturers

In my skincare expertise journey, I’ve sourced body lotion manufacturers by researching private label specialists with experience serving salons, spas, and hotels. For example, examining reviews, testimonials, and seeking recommendations from my network proved invaluable. These steps significantly contributed to my success in the industry.

This table provides a concise overview of some top body lotion manufacturers, summarizing their specialization, experience, and main clientele in the skincare industry.

Manufacturer NameSpecializationExperienceMain Clients
Audrey Morris CosmeticsPrivate label body lotionLong-term experienceSpas, Salons
Xujohn CosmeticsSkin care productsExtensive experienceHotels, Salons
ZicailBody care productsLong-standing reputationSpas, Hotels
Vitelle LabsPrivate label skin careNumerous successful partnershipsSpas, Salons
AnthemSkin care solutionsExtensive industry knowledgeSalons, Hotels
Durol LabsSkin care manufacturingSolid industry reputationSpas, Salons
Gar LaboratoriesPrivate label skin careExtensive expertiseHotels, Salons
Essential Wholesale & LabsSkin care productsWide range of productsSpas, Hotels
Cosmetic SolutionsPrivate label body lotionHigh quality productsSpas, Salons
Pravada Private LabelSkin care manufacturingHigh end productsSpas, Hotels
RainShadow LabsPrivate label skin careQuality and consistencySalons, Spas

#2 Assess Their Product Range and Customizability

A great private label body lotion manufacturer should offer a diverse range of products, from lotions to creams and everything in between. Be sure to assess the customizability of their formulations, as this will allow you to create unique products tailored to your brand and target audience.

#3 Investigate Ingredient Quality and Sourcing

The quality of ingredients is crucial when it comes to skincare products. Be sure to inquire about the source and quality of ingredients used by the manufacturer. For example, opt for those that prioritize natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients, as this will add value to your brand and appeal to conscious consumers.

#4 Look for Certifications and Compliance

It’s essential to partner with a manufacturer that has the necessary certifications and complies with industry regulations. These may include Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), FDA registration, and cruelty-free or organic certifications. This will give you peace of mind and ensure the products you’re offering are of the highest quality.

#5 Evaluate Production Capacity and Lead Times

In my experience as a skincare expert, I’ve learned the importance of evaluating a manufacturer’s production capacity and lead times. Ensuring they can handle my order volume and meet delivery deadlines has been crucial. Partnering with a scalable manufacturer has allowed my business to grow without sacrificing quality or timeliness.

#6 Communication and Customer Service

Choose a private label body lotion manufacturer with excellent communication and customer service. A responsive and dedicated team will make the process smoother and ensure any issues are promptly resolved. Remember, you’ll be working closely with your manufacturer, so having a strong relationship is key.

#7 Request Samples and Conduct Quality Checks

Before committing to a manufacturer, request samples of their products to evaluate quality, consistency, and packaging. Don’t hesitate to ask for modifications or adjustments if necessary. You want to ensure the final product aligns with your brand’s standards and expectations.

#8 Discuss Pricing and Minimum Order Quantities

Lastly, discuss pricing and minimum order quantities (MOQs) with potential manufacturers. While it’s essential to find a competitive price, don’t compromise on quality. Be sure to strike a balance that works for your budget and business model.


In conclusion, finding the perfect private label body lotion manufacturer can be a game-changer for your skincare brand. Among the top 11 options, Zicail stands out as the best choice, particularly when considering suppliers from China.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more product details, catalogues, price lists, or any guidance you may need. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your business and elevate your skincare brand to new heights. Remember, your success is our priority, so let’s work together and make it happen!

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