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The Top 7 Hotel Soap Manufacturers for Your Upscale Business

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After searching high and low for the best hotel soap manufacturer, we can confidently say that Zicail is the top choice for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups looking to create their own brands.

However, we understand that finding the right hotel soap manufacturer can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best fit for your business.

But fear not, because we’ve done the research for you. In this article, we’ll break down the top 7 hotel soap manufacturers that will take your business to the next level and make your guests feel pampered and cared for.

So sit tight and read on to discover the perfect hotel soap manufacturer for your business!

Quick Comparison

Before diving into the main content, take a moment to review the comparison chart of the 7 hotel soap manufacturers:

Hotel Soap ManufacturerInnovationQualityProduct RangeOther Factors
Custom Amenities Inc.High-end luxury productsExcellent craftsmanship and materialsLuxury soaps, shampoos, and toiletriesBest for high-end brands
Gilchrist & SoamesCutting-edge formulationsHigh-quality ingredients and performancePremium soaps, haircare, skincareBest innovative brand
ZicailWide variety of soap optionsConsistent quality and customizationSoaps, shampoo, conditioner, body washBest overall hotel soap manufacturer
PharmacopiaBespoke amenities creationTailored quality according to client needsCustomized soaps and personal care itemsBest for bespoke amenities
Essential AmenitiesOrganic and eco-friendly optionsNatural, high-quality ingredientsEco-friendly soaps, shampoos, skincareBest organic and eco-friendly options
Accent AmenitiesUnique scent optionsHigh-quality scents and formulationsSoaps, haircare, skincare with unique scentsBest for unique scent options
Hunter AmenitiesSustainable practicesEnvironmentally-friendly, quality productsGreen soaps, shampoos, and accessoriesBest for sustainability

Manufacturer Reviews

1. Custom Amenities Inc. – Best for High-End Brand

Country & City: Burnaby, British Columbia

Established Date: 1967

Custom Amenities Inc. is a Canadian-based company that has been providing customizable hotel amenities for over 50 years. Which makes them at the top most top. Their commitment to creating unique and memorable guest experiences is evident in their high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Company Image:


Factory Image:

Key Products: hotel soaps and toiletries

Product Image:


Take Away Note:

Custom Amenities Inc. makes personalized hotel stuff with your logo and branding, giving guests a unique experience. But there are some downsides, like higher costs, longer wait times, and maybe some quality issues. Plus, too many choices can be overwhelming. Despite these concerns, many businesses in the hospitality industry still find the benefits of using Custom Amenities Inc. to be worth the investment.

2. Gilchrist & Soames – Best Innovative Brand

Country & City: United Kingdom

Established Date: 1975

Gilchrist & Soames is a top choice for eco-friendly and sustainable hotel toiletries, including hotel soaps. With a commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable manufacturing, their products reflect a dedication to environmentally conscious hospitality. They offer high-quality hotel soaps and other toiletries that reflect your business’s commitment to sustainability.

Company Image:


Factory Image:


Key Products: hotel soaps and toiletries

Product Image:


Take Away Note:

Gilchrist & Soames is definitely worth considering, as a B2B brand, their products are crafted with high-quality, natural ingredients, and their packaging is elegant and sophisticated. This makes them a great fit for upscale hospitality businesses looking to provide their guests with a luxurious and memorable experience. However, they can be pricier, have limited options, and guests might not know the brand. Still, lots of hotels think the green benefits are worth it.

3. Zicail – Best Overall Hotel Soap Manufacturer

Country & City: China

Established Date: 1994

Zicail is one of the top-notch factories that specialize in cosmetic OEM/ODM production. This means that we don’t only create and develop cosmetics, but we also offer manufacturing and processing services for our clients. We provide a variety of services including private label cosmetics, contract manufacturer cosmetics, white label cosmetics, and wholesale cosmetics to cater to our client’s specific needs.

Company Image:


Factory Image:


Key Products: private label skincare

Product Image:


Take Away Note:

Zicail is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups looking to create a high-end brand that makes a lasting impression on their guests. Our commitment to customer service makes us one of the best choices for businesses of all types. Our luxurious scents and elegant packaging are sure to elevate any guest experience, and our customizable options allow businesses to create a truly unique product. We believe that the soap might seem like a small detail. It can actually have a big impact on the overall guest experience.

4. Pharmacopia – Best for Bespoke Amenities

Country & City: United States, San Francisco, California

Established Date: 1999

Pharmacopia is a manufacturer of organic and natural bath and body products, specializing in soaps, shampoos, and lotions that are gentle on the skin and free from harmful chemicals. Since its founding in 1999, Pharmacopia has been committed to providing high-quality, eco-friendly products that promote health and wellness.

Company Image:


Key Products: bath and body products

Product Image:

Pharmacopia Product

Take Away Note:

Pharmacopia’s organic and natural products are great for hotels and spas seeking high-quality, eco-friendly amenities. Their nourishing products offer a luxurious guest experience, although they may come with a higher price tag than other options. Overall, the investment is worth it for businesses that prioritize sustainability and quality.

5. Essential Amenities – Best Organic and Eco-friendly Options

Country & City: New Jersey

Established Date: 1985

Essential Amenities is a company that specializes in providing luxury amenities to hotels, resorts, and other businesses in the hospitality industry. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Essential Amenities has established a reputation for exceptional quality and personalized service. Essential Amenities represent powerful, well-known global brands that include Hermes, ECRU New York, Lanvin Orange Ambre, LAFCO, Geneva Green, Poggesi, Dickens & Hawthorne, Whytemor and Keach, Exotic Coral, and Eartholoy.

Company Image:

Essential Amenities Website

Key Products: custom toiletries and in-room accessories

Product Image:

Essential Amenities Product

Take Away Note:

Essential Amenities offers luxury products that help hotels and resorts stand out and provide personalized experiences for guests. However, partnering with them may be costly and some guests may have allergies or sensitivities to their ingredients. It’s important for businesses to consider the pros and cons before choosing to work with Essential Amenities.

6. Accent Amenities – Best for Unique Scent Options

Country & City: Colorado, USA

Established Date: 2001

Accent Amenities is a family-owned business that has been providing top-quality personal care products to the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Their mission is to help hotels and resorts create memorable guest experiences through high-quality amenities.

Company Image:

Accent Amenities Website

Key Products: soap bars, shampoo and conditioner

Product Image:

Accent Amenities Product

Take Away Note:

Accent Amenities offers premium personal care products for hotels and hospitality businesses to enhance their guests’ experience. However, their products may be more expensive and guests may need time to adjust to unfamiliar brands. It’s important for businesses to consider their budget and guests’ preferences before partnering with Accent Amenities.

7. Hunter Amenities – Best for Sustainability

Country & City: Canada, Burlington, Ontario

Established Date: 1981

Hunter Amenities is a leading manufacturer of personal care amenities for the hospitality industry. They specialize in creating high-quality and eco-friendly products that are designed to provide a luxurious and memorable guest experience. They offer a wide range of products, including soaps, shampoos, lotions, and more.

Company Image:

Hunter Amenities Website

Key Products: shampoo, conditioner, and lotion

Product Image:

Hunter Amenities Product

Take Away Note:

Hunter Amenities is the perfect choice for you! With their commitment to sustainability and luxurious product offerings like the BeeKind collection, you can create a memorable and exclusive guest experience that sets you apart from the competition. While their products may be more expensive than other options, many businesses find that the investment is well worth it for the positive impact on the environment and the elevated guest experience.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Manufacturer

Choosing the right hotel soap manufacturer is crucial to providing high-quality products that align with your values and meet guest needs. According to a Statista survey, 74% of hotel guests consider the quality of personal care amenities, like soap, important to their overall experience. By carefully considering factors, here are some that you should know and take note of.

hotel soap

#1 Quality

The quality of the soap is crucial to the guests’ experience, and it should be your top priority. Look for a manufacturer that uses high-quality ingredients, has a good reputation for producing excellent products, and has stringent quality control processes. There’s just something about using a high-quality hotel soap that makes you feel like you’re getting a little extra special treatment.

#2 Price

Of course, price is a crucial consideration for any business, and you want to find a manufacturer that can provide you with the best value for your money. Compare prices from different manufacturers, but don’t compromise on quality to save a few bucks.

#3 Eco-friendliness

Today’s guests are increasingly environmentally conscious, and they appreciate hotels that prioritize sustainability. Look for a manufacturer that uses eco-friendly soap ingredients and packaging materials and has a commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

#4 Customization

Customization options for hotel soap, such as unique scents, packaging, and labeling, are becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry. By partnering with a manufacturer that offers these options, hotels can create a unique and personalized guest experience that aligns with their brand and values.

#5 Communication and Service

Working with a hotel soap manufacturer that provides excellent customer service is crucial to ensuring a positive experience. According to a HubSpot survey, 93% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases from a company that offers excellent customer service. A responsive and attentive manufacturer can help you navigate custom orders and any issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. Choose a manufacturer that is communicative, reliable, and committed to delivering on time for the best experience.


While all the manufacturers on this list are excellent choices for your upscale business, I personally recommend Zicail as one of the best options. Our soap products are made with high-quality ingredients that will leave guests feeling pampered. But don’t just take my word for it! I encourage you to explore all of the manufacturers on this list and choose the one that best fits your business needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about Zicail’s soap products or would like to request a product catalog or price list, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help and can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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