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Scented vs. Unscented Body Lotions: What’s Best for You?

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Because of the large number of body lotions on the market today, determining the most effective form of body lotions may be difficult. Many people cannot pick between scented and unscented body lotions because they are not sure which is better for their skin. As a result, in this post, we will compare and contrast scented and unscented body lotions so that you may choose the one that is best for your skin.

What Does Unscented Mean in Skincare?

To many people, unscented lotions implies the lack of any synthetic smell in the body lotions. It is important to note that these lotions might have some natural ingredients that could give them some certain scents. It is easy to tell the difference between scented and unscented body lotions. Even when a body lotion is labeled unscented, it can still have some mild smells due to the natural ingredients it contains.

So the basic difference between unscented and scented body lotions is the absence of synthetic perfumes in unscented body lotions. The synthetic perfumes in scented body lotions help to give the product a nice smell.


Why do Skincare Products Contain Fragrance?

The incorporation of fragrance in skincare products is based on the fact that many people like using fragrant skincare products. Manufacturers of these products understand the importance of infusing them with a pleasant aroma before retail sale. There is now an ongoing effort to improve the attractiveness of skincare products to customers via an investigation of the impact that scent has on their purchasing decisions.

Many body moisturizers incorporate perfumes to add texture since many cosmetic products lack an aesthetically attractive aroma when applied alone. Think about some odd-smelling body lotion ingredients like glutathione and retinol. These two active ingredients have odors that some people might not like. So, most body lotions with glutathione and retinol often smell bad, but a nice scent can mask the unpleasant odor.

Another top reason why most skincare products contain fragrance is because if you keep a skincare product in a locked case for a long time, it might start to smell bad. Therefore, adding fragrance to the body lotion can help cover up this smell, and it works especially well if the product is made of only natural ingredients. 

Also, when you open a body lotion in a jar, the fragile contents are exposed to air and germs. Putting your finger in the jar repeatedly may help certain bacteria spread. This speeds up the process of the contents breaking down, resulting in unpleasant odors. However, adding a pleasant scent to the body lotion can help prevent such a scenario.

How Skin Reacts to Fragrance

Most chemicals used in body lotion fragrance give off their scent through a chemical process. Sadly, this common reaction almost always ends in a skin hypersensitivity reaction. Studies show that skincare items with scents cause skin sensitivity and other problems to worsen. 

“Unscented” body moisturizers are now quite popular, especially among teenagers. Scent-free moisturizers are suitable for persons who are not very sensitive to scents. Even the most well-known brands of skin care products now include a tiny amount of scent. Most smells are calm and modest, with some items even incorporating skin-soothing components.

Which One is More Expensive, scented or Unscented Lotions?

Lotions without artificial perfumes are more expensive than traditional body lotions, yet they are a necessary component for individuals who want to adhere to the “clean” beauty standard. Furthermore, the most effective “clean” skin care products are unscented and do not include any synthetic substances like fillers, fillers, parabens, or artificial colors. It is important to note that higher-quality items may be more costly.

The Benefits of Unscented Lotion


  1. It’s not too suffocating to the senses

Certain scented body lotions smell light, but others have a stronger perfume. A fragrance’s excessive persistence may quickly turn its initial charm into a problem. A handful of individuals have reported getting migraines after using scented topicals. Finally, the worst-case scenario is being on the verge of falling asleep when an overwhelming stench wakes you up and continues to bother you for many hours.

Lotions without fragrance, on the other hand, are often gentle and relaxing, with their perfume, if present, being rather muted. After a long and demanding day, reducing stress and relaxing will be much simpler without sensory overload.

  1. No allergic responses

Individuals who have had an allergic response are well aware of the dread, misery, and often deadly nature of the disease. Compounds and synthetic scents in scented moisturizers have long been linked to respiratory and skin discomfort.

Unscented body lotions, on the other hand, do not include these synthetic ingredients, which may contain allergies or other potentially toxic elements. Certain unscented body lotions replace synthetic perfumes with natural plant or essential oils to provide a pleasant aroma that will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. Those suffering from allergies are urged to try one of these unscented products. 

  1. Unscented body lotions are less toxic

Experts in skin care all agree that fragrance-free goods are more likely not to contain any ingredients that could be dangerous or toxic. Chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and sulfates can be bad for your face and make several health problems worse. Interestingly, many body lotions for sensitive skin don’t have any harmful chemicals or scents, either.

How to Choose the Right Unscented Body Lotions


Certifications and labels

Before purchasing a body lotion, be sure it has all the necessary labels and certifications. To protect oneself and one’s skin from harmful toxins and chemicals, it is best to look for a body lotion that has the certifications above, in addition to being scentless and unobtrusive. Choose a lotion that works well with your sense of smell.


Before you buy something, find out what other people think about it. Reading customer reviews and the manufacturer’s information could reveal more about the product’s functions. The reviews will talk about the problems customers have had, especially with the ingredients and scents. By reading customer reviews, you won’t have to buy a body lotion that doesn’t work. When picking between two products, some reviews likely say one is better, and with valid reasons, too.


Even though the best body lotions without scents are more expensive than creams with scents, some choices are cheap for people who want them. Notably, good lotions that don’t smell can be bought at a fair price, too. When you have little money, look for cheaper options until you find one that meets your needs.


The skin of each person is completely different. There isn’t a magic ingredient that can heal everyone’s broken, dry skin. At the same time, many skincare items on the market are very bad for your health. To take care of your skin, you should use body lotions that don’t have chemicals or fake perfumes in them. Overall, unscented body lotions are the better options for your skin health.

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