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Zicail is a top-notch scalp care producer in the industry. We focus on providing startups and spa owners with creative and effective solutions.
Our approach to scalp care combines cutting-edge research and excellent products. It is our goal to have a varied selection of products. As we deeply understand the market.

We remain the go-to choice for businesses by staying ahead of the curve. Aside from that, customer happiness is our main focus.
By partnering with Zicail, businesses gain access to our extensive expertise and resources. We plan and help them grow and succeed in the competitive beauty and wellness industry.

Join us on our mission to revolutionize scalp care. Discover the unique advantages that Zicail can bring to your business. Are you interested? Continue reading, and let us dive into direct business!

Hair Oil Capsule

Hair Growth Oil

Castor Oil

Types of Scalp Care


Scalp Mask

Scalp Conditioner

Scalp Conditioner


Scalp Hair Serum

Scalp Mask

Hair Foli’s article says it soothes dry scalp and reduces dandruff. We all know that scalp care is a hair care treatment. It is designed to nourish, exfoliate, and rejuvenate the scalp. How is it applied to the scalp? Pour a small amount on the customer’s scalp and leave it on for a specified period. It allows active ingredients to penetrate and deliver their benefits.

Scalp Conditioner

It is a hair care product that Zicail formulated to nourish, hydrate, and protect the scalp. Aside from that, it targets the skin and hair follicles. As someone who had scalp issues, I can say that using it works. I suggest it would be best to sell it to customers who share the same concern as me. For example, for hydration and nourishment, it gives the scalp the necessary moisture and nutrients it needs.

Scalp Hair Serum

It is a concentrated hair care product designed to target specific scalp concerns. Are you wondering about its functions? Its prime function is to nourish the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. It blends active ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts. It can address a variety of scalp-related issues. For instance, if your customer has an itchy scalp, then, you must recommend this to them.

5 Considerations When Buying A Scalp Care Product

#1 Scalp Type and Specific Concerns

It is crucial to identify the scalp type if it’s oily, dry, or a combination. Also, customers should be specific about what they want to address, such as dandruff, hair loss, and irritation. Choose a product formulated to target those needs for the best results.

#2 Ingredient Quality and Safety

I know that looking for scalp care containing high-quality and safe ingredients is challenging. However, it is the most crucial thing to do. It is especially true if your customers have sensitive skin or allergies. So, when your business is looking for scalp care ingredients. It should be free from harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances.

#3 Product Formulation

Select a product that is formulated to target your scalp concerns effectively. At Zicail, we develop scalp care to nourish and heal different scalp problems. For instance, choose a product that helps regulate sebum production if you have an oily scalp. If customers have a dry scalp, opt for a product that provides deep hydration and nourishment.

#4 Brand Reputation and Reviews

According to Indeed, if a brand’s image is clean and organized. Customers might think the brand embodies professionalism. So, it is a must to research the brand’s reputation and read product reviews from other users. It can help customers gauge the product’s effectiveness and learn about potential side effects.

#5 Price and Value for Money

As business owners, we wouldn’t want our money to get wasted. So, we must consider the cost of the product of its effectiveness, size, and quality of the ingredients. However, some high-quality items for scalp care cost more. But you shouldn’t always pick the most expensive option. To find the best deal, compare the benefits of the product to how much it costs.

Scalp Type and Specific Concerns
Ingredient Quality and Safety
Ingredient Quality and Safety
Product Formulation
Product Formulation
Brand Reputation and Reviews

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Price and Value for Money

Price and Value for Money

About Us

Our Factory

Our modern, cutting-edge factory plays a crucial role in the production of our high-quality skincare and cosmetic products. With a focus on innovation and strict quality control measures, we ensure the excellence of our products every step of the way. To take a closer look at our manufacturing facility and processes, visit the Our Factory page.

Our Innovative R&D Labs:

Our research and development (R&D) labs are dedicated to creating the most effective and innovative skincare and cosmetic formulations. Our team of experienced scientists and industry experts work tirelessly to develop groundbreaking products that cater to our customers’ unique needs. Explore more about our R&D labs and the latest innovations by visiting the R&D Labs page.

Our Services

Discover the range of services we offer, including personalized skincare consultations, sample development, packaging design, production, quality assurance, global shipping, and marketing support. Discover the range of services we offer and find the perfect solution for your needs.

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Delivering Premium Skincare Products to Globally Recognized Brands Since 1994

Choosing Zicail as our skincare supplier was a key factor in the success of our project. Their ability to achieve quality and scale within the framework of our budget was impressive. Zicail’s reliability and superior products make them our preferred cosmetic solutions partner.

In our experience, Zicail has consistently delivered exceptional skincare solutions. Their products are synonymous with nature and safety.These factors are critical to our operations.Zicail

These factors are critical to our operations and Zicail has earned our trust through their unwavering commitment to meeting our specific business needs.

Zicail has provided us with a one-stop skincare solution that perfectly meets our needs, both in terms of ingredients and eco-friendly packaging materials. It is the combination of product quality and environmental awareness that sets Zicail apart and is in line with our sustainability goals.

Answers at Your Fingertips

What sets Zicail's scalp care products apart from competitors?

Zicail’s scalp care products are formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients and backed by cutting-edge research. We focus on creating targeted, effective solutions for various scalp concerns, ensuring that our products deliver noticeable results and meet the needs of diverse customers.

Can Zicail provide customized formulations orprivate labeling services?

Yes, at Zicail, we offer customized formulations and private labeling services to accommodate the unique needs of your business. Our team will work closely with you to develop tailor-made solutions that align with your brand and target audience.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for Zicail's scalp care products?

The MOQ for our scalp care products varies depending on the product and packaging options. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements and receive detailed information about our MOQs.

How can I be sure of the quality and safety of Zicail's scalp care products?

At Zicail, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our products undergo rigorous quality control measures, and our manufacturing facilities adhere to strict industry regulations. Additionally, we use safe, high-quality ingredients in our formulations to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our products.

What kind of support does Zicail offer to distributors and business owners?

We value our partnerships with distributors and business owners and provide comprehensive support, including marketing materials, product training, and ongoing assistance to help you successfully promote and sell our scalp care products. Our team is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have.


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