The Heart of Innovation - Our R&D Lab

Join us on a journey of scientific discovery at Zicail, where our dedicated R&D teams are constantly pushing the boundaries of skincare and cosmetic science. (From exploring new ingredients to testing innovative formulations and techniques, we’re dedicated to creating products that deliver real, visible results for our customers.)

Our Trailblazing R&D Pioneers

Zhong Huiyao
Chen Jun
Feng Guangjie
Chief R&D Consultant: Zhong Huiyao

Chief R&D Consultant Zhong Huiyao, a Master of Chongqing University, brings over 30 years of professional skincare R&D experience as a senior technical engineer and researcher, holding consul positions in both the Asian Beauty and Cosmetics Industry Association and the Guangzhou Cosmetic Industry Association.

Chief Technical Director: Chen Jun

Chief Technical Director Chen Jun, a prominent figure in cosmetics R&D and former chief engineer at a renowned cosmetic group, specializes in white-to-black hair transformation, hair growth, and anti-aging skincare solutions, contributing significantly to the cosmetics field.

Research and Development Consultant: Feng Guangjie

Feng Guangjie is a senior technical researcher with 16 years of skincare industry experience, specializing in chemical analysis, flavor, fragrance, and microbial science research. As a committee member of the Guangzhou Cosmetic Industry Association, Professor Liu has achieved three natural science research results and holds one national invention patent.

The Essence of Our Biotech Raw Ingredients

At Zicail, we prioritize safety and quality by sourcing only the finest raw materials, with an emphasis on natural ingredients. The logos below represent our esteemed brand partners, who share our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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Industry Excellence: Our Distinguished Patents and Certifications

Explore our groundbreaking technical accomplishments showcased in this section, which highlights our extensive portfolio of patents and prestigious high-tech certifications, setting us apart in the industry. Discover our cutting-edge laboratory, where innovation and excellence drive skincare advancements. With a diverse R&D team, 5000+ formulas, and 20+ technical patents, our research encompasses skin characteristics, cosmetic emulsification, and green technologies. We collaborate with top institutions, delivering eco-certified, organic skincare products that redefine the industry.
20+ Technical Patents
5000+ Mature Formulas
400+ Strict Testing Standards
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Exceptional Care for All Ages: Natural Sunscreen and Baby Formulations

Baby Care
Purely Natural

Experience our suncream’s exceptional protection, expertly formulated with natural ingredients to shield your skin from harmful rays while keeping it nourished and healthy.

Baby Care

Discover our gentle baby care products, carefully crafted with nature’s finest ingredients to provide delicate care and soothing comfort for your little one’s sensitive skin.

Purely Natural

Indulge in our purely natural formulations, harnessing the power of nature’s finest ingredients to provide safe, effective, and environmentally-conscious skincare solutions.

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