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I know business owners are now wondering about how we did it? Our team of experts crafts each product with love and care. Combining the latest advancements in technology with the timeless wisdom of traditional practices.

Our team of experts crafts each product with love and care. It helps your startup achieve a blissful state of harmony and well-being.

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Types of Massage Oil

Body Massage Oil

Body Massage Oil is a luxurious elixir that is carefully formulated by Zicail. It designs to bring the customer relaxation, rejuvenation, and sensory delight. And the best part? It transcends the boundaries of everyday life, for example, for people who have dry skin. It is the perfect solution as its moisture can soothe away dryness. And, for sensitive skin, it is more than just a skincare solution for sensitive skin.

Face Massage Oil

This massage oil is more than a skincare product; it is a journey of self-discovery and self-love. It is designed for the delicate skin of the face. Leaving the skin’s complexion radiant and the spirit soothed. Life & Pursuits mentioned, oil massage eliminates toxins and builds cells to repair themselves.

Breast Massage Oil

Wondering what this is for? It’s a handmade oil made to make self-care better and celebrate women. It’s made for the sensitive skin on the chest. This oil gives a special experience that’s better than normal. It makes the skin healthy and soft. It’s really good for moms to sell.

Men Massage Oil

It is blended with natural and nutrient-rich ingredients to cater to the needs of men and elevate the art of self-care. Does anyone think about how it is formulated? It infuses a curated selection of botanical extracts, essential oils, and antioxidants. This bold oil delivers a deep and nourishing touch.

Head Massage Oil

It provides a lot of benefits, turning the act of self-care into a remarkable experience. It enhances blood circulation to the scalp, promoting hair growth and overall scalp health, while also relieving headaches and promoting mental clarity.

Spa Massage Oil

As a fan of massage oils, it is a treasure that unveils a realm of tranquility, renewal, and self-affection. It is for individuals who are looking to relax. It delivers a matchless experience that nurtures the body and elevates the soul. It connects with the core of existence.

Foot Massage Oil

It’s an exceptional blend of natural, nutrient-rich ingredients. It infuses essential oils and antioxidants. It is the rich oil that envelops the feet. I know that business owners are looking for oil that promotes relaxation, hydration, and a sense of renewal.

Body Massage Oil
Face Massage Oil
Men Massage Oil
Head Massage Oil
Spa Massage Oil
Foot Massage Oil

Formulas of Massage Oil

Coconut Massage Oil

Based on my observation, it is made from pure coconut oil and is great for moisturizing the skin during a massage, feeling light, and isn’t greasy. It’s also full of vitamins, which makes it a great choice for sensitive skin. For instance, virgin coconut oil can be used to moisturize, reduce inflammation, and kill germs.

Olive Massage Oil

From what I’ve seen, Zicail often uses this as a base oil. It is a massage oil that is made from extra-virgin olive oil that has been cold-pressed. It has a rich texture and is full of vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and protect the body, like Vitamin E.

Lavender Massage Oil

It features a blend of soothing ingredients. It with the primary component being lavender essential oil. It has a blend of carrier oils like sweet almond oil and lavender essential oil that make up this massage oil. It has a calming scent that promotes relaxation and helps ease muscle tension.

Almond Massage Oil

As I’ve noticed, sweet almond oil serves as the base for almond massage oil. It is extracted from sweet almonds and is known for its moisturizing. It also has vitamin E, jojoba oil, and fractionated coconut oil. It is odorless and has a long shelf life, making it an ideal ingredient for massage oil blends.

Pregnancy Massage Oil

This massage oil is made especially for pregnant women. It is a mixture of carrier oils, like jojoba oil, and essential oils, like chamomile and lavender. It helps to relax the mind and body and feeds and hydrates the skin at the same time. Remember that startups must tell customers that if they have questions, they should talk to their OB-gyne.

Newborn Massage Oil

It has a mix of ingredients that are gentle and won’t cause allergies. This massage oil is made especially for babies. It is a mix of carrier oils like grapeseed oil and essential oils like chamomile and lavender. It helps to calm and soothe babies while also feeding and protecting their sensitive skin.

Coconut Massage Oil
Olive Massage Oil
Lavender Massage Oil
Almond Massage Oil
Pregnancy Massage Oil
Newborn Massage Oil

Functions of Massage Oils

Relaxing Massage Oil
Anti Cellulite Massage Oil
Pain Massage Oil
Relaxing Massage Oil

Relaxing Massage Oil is created to release a comfortable massage experience to the customers. As a business expert, it is perfect for spa owners as it eases muscle tension, nourishes the skin, and enhances well-being. Aside from that, it can also contribute to emotional and mental well-being.

Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

This massage oil is made to target cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin. It serves many functions to promote skin firmness, elasticity, and skin health. It will make the massage experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Pain Massage Oil

Has anyone wondered about its function? Pain Massage Oil serves a lot of functions it is to promote relief, relaxation, and well-being. It helps reduce soreness, relieve tension in muscles, and improve blood circulation. It is also the sole reason why massage is more enjoyable and comfortable.

Natural Massage Oil

Sweet Almond Oil
Jojoba Oil
Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil

Does someone notice its benefits? It is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, making it an excellent moisturizer and nourishing option for all skin types. It has a mild, sweet scent and is suitable for most massage techniques, and is perfect for the spa business.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a popular and versatile carrier oil that resembles the natural oils found in the skin. As a business owner, it’s a great choice because it doesn’t leave the skin greasy and works for all skin types, even those that are sensitive or prone to acne. It lasts a long time and can be mixed with other oils, which makes it a great choice for spas.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is good for most skin types, even sensitive skin. It can help soothe and hydrate skin that is dry or sore. From my point of view, it can also make the skin more flexible and may help make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

Olive Oil

It is a heavier oil with a distinct aroma that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it is mostly used by Zicail. It can be used on its own, but it works best when mixed with lighter oils to keep the skin from feeling greasy. It is good for people with dry skin and can be a good base for adding essential oils to make a custom skin care product.

What is in Massage Oil?

Carrier Oils

As a massage oil enthusiast, it is also known as base oils, making up the majority of massage oil. Zicail uses these for the base. These are extracts from plants, seeds, or nuts, and serve as a medium for diluting essential oils. They are important because they help in the even application of essential oils to the skin. They prevent potential skin irritation caused by undiluted essential oils.

Essential Oils

It is an oil with concentrated aromatic plant extracts. It provides various therapeutic benefits. These are usually added to carrier oils in small quantities. It is to create massage oils with specific properties. It has benefits such as relaxation, pain relief, or invigoration.

5 Considerations When Buying A Massage Oil

#1 Skin Type

It is essential to consider the skin type when buying a massage oil. It’s because different massage oils have distinct properties. It makes them suitable for specific skin types. As an entrepreneur myself, I recommend choosing a massage oil that aligns with customers’ skin types.

#2 Absorption Rate

The rate at which oil is absorbed into the skin can impact the massage experience. Consider the absorption rate and texture of the oil based on preferences. For example, lighter oils such as grapeseed or fractionated coconut oil. They leave less residue.

#3 Aroma

It is important to consider whether your startup prefers a particular fragrance. It is especially true if customers have any sensitivities to scents. Unscented massage oils are also available for those who prefer a neutral option.

#4 Therapeutic Benefits

It also contains essential oils and other ingredients. It provides specific therapeutic benefits. These are relaxation, muscle pain relief, or invigoration. It is also important to choose one that aligns with those needs. Aside from that, consider the desired effects of massage oil.

#5 Quality and Purity

It’s crucial to select high-quality massage oils. It should also be pure and free from harmful additives or synthetic ingredients. As a business enthusiast, it is a must to look for products that use natural, cold-pressed, or organic oils. It is to ensure they are using a safe and beneficial effect on the skin.

About Us

Our Factory

Our modern, cutting-edge factory plays a crucial role in the production of our high-quality skincare and cosmetic products. With a focus on innovation and strict quality control measures, we ensure the excellence of our products every step of the way. To take a closer look at our manufacturing facility and processes, visit the Our Factory page.

Our Innovative R&D Labs:

Our research and development (R&D) labs are dedicated to creating the most effective and innovative skincare and cosmetic formulations. Our team of experienced scientists and industry experts work tirelessly to develop groundbreaking products that cater to our customers’ unique needs. Explore more about our R&D labs and the latest innovations by visiting the R&D Labs page.

Our Services

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Real Reviews from Real Customers

Komugisha Annet

It’s always a pleasure working with Lucy. She is patient and takes time to always understand the customers’ needs. And the products are really good compared to other skincare companies.

Najib Aboulachouaq

Very professional and dedicated personnel, they communicate well, so there will be no misunderstanding and you will get the product and the quality that you want.
This is my second order and I recommend.

Noureddine Ouzoubair

It is the second time that I have traded with this supplier, nothing to say always top, a big thank you!!!

Yassine Ayadi

Seller responds very quickly, and well enough to resolve any problem you have.
Also good prices and fast shipping! Very recommended A++++


I tested the products and they are really good! I really like it, thanks a lot!


Thank you so much for the package. It is amazing and sells so good!!!


That’s great perfect!!! Non-greasy, non-sticky, and fast absorption.

Hind Marfouq

The product confirms, good quality!!! Very good communication with the supplier!!! Very reactive, helpful!!!


The Anti-aging milk cleanser thickness is great! I actually like it, thank you!!!


I have received it and am still trying, it is so nice!!!

Mohammad Me Alkhelaifi

I got the samples, I like it so much!!! Your products are amazing, and you are so helpful, I like you as well.

Nicholas Mermingas

We will be making more orders together. The products will sell out within our first month!


Pigmentation cream: I’m still using it and I have seen much difference yet!!!

Yassine Rachih

I appreciate you, you are the best!

Answers at Your Fingertips

At Zicail, we manufacture a diverse range of massage oils, including options for relaxation, pain relief, rejuvenation, and more. Our products cater to various skin types and preferences, and we also offer custom blends to meet specific needs.

Yes, we prioritize using natural, high-quality ingredients in our massage oils. Our carrier oils are plant-based, and we use pure essential oils for their therapeutic benefits. We also provide organic options for customers who prefer them.

Absolutely! We can collaborate with you to develop custom massage oil blends tailored to your brand’s specific requirements, preferences, and target audience. Our team of experts will help guide you in selecting the best carrier oils and essential oils to create unique and effective products.

Our MOQ varies depending on the product and packaging options. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs and requirements, and we can provide you with detailed information on MOQs and pricing.

Yes, we can offer samples of our massage oils for you to evaluate before placing a bulk order. We believe in the quality of our products and want to ensure that you’re satisfied with them before committing to a larger purchase. Please reach out to our team to request samples and discuss any specific requirements or preferences you may have.

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