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Welcome to Zicail, your premier Private Label Skincare manufacturer. We pride ourselves on offering expertly crafted makeup remover products that are the perfect blend of efficacy, luxury, and skin-loving ingredients. With advanced manufacturing facilities, we deliver consistent, high-quality products that not only address your unique skincare needs but also offer value to your esteemed customers.

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Types of Makeup Remover

Eye Makeup Remover
Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
Oil Based Eye Makeup Remover
Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeup remover is essential for anyone using eye cosmetics, as leaving them on can lead to irritation, dryness, puffiness, or wrinkles. It’s crucial to select a remover suitable for your skin type, whether that’s a hypoallergenic variant for sensitive skin or an oil-based one for oily skin. Using it involves gently wiping your eyelids and lashes with a cotton pad soaked in the product, followed by a rinse and moisturizer application.

Lip Remover

Lip remover is crucial for regular lipstick or lip gloss wearers, preventing the overnight dryness that could lead to chapped lips. Like with eye makeup, you need to choose a lip remover that suits your skin type, considering ingredients like shea butter or cocoa butter for dry lips. The usage process mirrors that of eye makeup remover, with a focus on thorough removal of any lip liner traces, followed by applying your usual lip balm.

Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

Eye and lip makeup remover is a handy, all-in-one product for those seeking a streamlined approach to removing makeup. Generally made with gentle ingredients, these are perfect for removing stubborn makeup types, such as waterproof mascara or long-lasting lipstick. The application process is the same, ensuring a thorough wipe down of both eyes and lips, followed by a rinse and moisturizer.

Oil Based Eye Makeup Remover

Oil-based eye makeup removers from Zicail, formulated with ingredients like mineral, olive, or coconut oil, are excellent for taking off waterproof makeup and moisturizing dry or sensitive skin. Apply our product to a cotton pad, gently wipe your eyes, rinse, and continue with your moisturizer.

Product Form of Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover Balm

Imagine the soothing comfort of a balm that instantly turns into a gentle cleansing oil upon contact with your skin. The Makeup Remover Balm is an innovative solution for today’s busy spa or salon, effectively dissolving all forms of makeup – from smoky eyes to long-lasting lipstick. This balm ensures your clients’ skin is left clean, soft, and nourished, enhancing their beauty experience.

Oil Makeup Remover

There’s nothing quite like the Oil Makeup Remover when it comes to effortless makeup dissolution. This luxurious liquid remover not only eliminates stubborn makeup but also nourishes the skin with a burst of hydration. It’s an ideal choice for high-end hotels and wellness centers looking to offer guests a touch of indulgence while ensuring they feel refreshed and pampered.

Micellar Water

Elevate your skincare offerings with the power of Micellar Water. This gentle, hydrating solution does double duty – removing makeup and cleansing the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, soft, and glowing. It’s an excellent addition to any salon’s skincare lineup, offering clients a quick, effective, and hydrating makeup removal option.

Makeup Remover Cream

The Makeup Remover Cream is the ultimate ally for dry or mature skin. Its rich, cream-based formula moisturizes as it cleanses, helping to keep the skin supple and radiant. Perfect for established brands and spas aiming to provide their clients with a luxurious, nourishing skincare experience that goes beyond simple makeup removal.

Makeup Remover Gel

Thoroughly remove makeup with this light, gel-based makeup remover. It provides a cool and refreshing sensation. This is a great solution for clients who want a unique, invigorating skincare experience that leaves skin clean and refreshed.

Makeup Remover Cleanser

Remove makeup and deeply cleanse skin with this dual-purpose product. Zicail’s Makeup Remover Cleanser is a time-saving solution that will appeal to busy, on-the-go clients. This is a perfect offering for clients who want comprehensive skincare solutions.

Makeup Remover Balm
Oil Makeup Remover
Micellar Water

Makeup Remover Solution

Oil Free Makeup Remover

Deeply cleanses without adding extra oil, making it perfect for oily or acne-prone skin. Established salons and spas can offer a tailored experience for clients who want to maintain a fresh, matte complexion while effectively eradicating makeup.

Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

Effectively dissolves makeup and showers the skin with nourishing hydration. It is a fantastic option for wellness centers and hotels that aim to provide a luxurious, natural skincare experience for their guests.

Makeup Remover for Waterproof Mascara

Ensures a clean, gentle removal process. It is an essential addition to any salon’s or spa’s offerings that pride themselves on their comprehensive eye makeup solutions.

Silicone Based Makeup Remover

Takes off heavy, silicone-based makeup effortlessly. It guarantees a smooth application and removal process. It is a must-have for any professional makeup studio or brand dealing with high-definition makeup applications.

Pregnancy Safe Makeup Remover

Formulated with gentle, safe ingredients. It is a thoughtful addition to any spa, salon, or wellness center looking to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for all clients, including those expecting.

Hydrating Makeup Remover

Quenches your clients’ skin as you cleanse. It replenishes the skin’s moisture while effectively removing makeup. Zicail’s hydrating makeup remover is a fantastic solution for businesses wishing to offer their clients a skincare routine that’s as nourishing as it is cleansing.

Oil Free Makeup Remover
Coconut Oil Makeup Remover
Makeup Remover for Waterproof Mascara

5 Considerations When Buying Makeup Remover

According to a share.upmc.com article, it’s vital to remove all makeup before bed to prevent pore-clogging, acne, and a dull complexion. Leaving mascara on can cause eye swelling, and leftover eye makeup may lead to infections, emphasizing the necessity of makeup remover.
Choosing the right makeup remover for your business requires careful consideration. Here, we outline some key factors to consider when selecting a makeup remover:

#1 Skin Type

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve personally witnessed the importance of understanding your target audience’s skin types. For instance, when it comes to oily skin, opting for oil-free removers can make a significant difference, while those with dry skin tend to gravitate towards cream or oil-based options.

#2 Type of Makeup Used

Different types of makeup require different removers. Heavy, waterproof makeup needs stronger removers like oil or balm, while lighter makeup can be removed with micellar water or gel cleansers.

#3 Ingredients

Using high-quality ingredients, such as natural options like coconut oil, can be a selling point for customers looking for gentler products. It’s important to highlight the quality of ingredients used in your makeup removers. Zicail takes pride in using high-quality ingredients in our makeup removers, ensuring effective and nourishing skincare solutions for our customers.

#4 Sensitivity

For customers with sensitive skin, offering gentle, fragrance-free makeup removers can help minimize the risk of irritation and cater to a broader range of individuals.

#5 Brand Reputation

The reputation of your skincare brand matters to customers. Building a positive brand image through quality products, customer satisfaction, and positive reviews can attract more customers and foster loyalty.

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It is the second time that I have traded with this supplier, nothing to say always top, a big thank you!!!

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I got the samples, I like it so much!!! Your products are amazing, and you are so helpful, I like you as well.

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