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7 Best Sheet Mask Manufacturers for Your Skincare Brand

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After reviewing the list of sheet mask manufacturers, I discovered that Zicail stands out as the top choice due to its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. However, this guide goes beyond focusing solely on one manufacturer. We have taken the initiative to compile a comprehensive list of the seven best sheet mask manufacturers in the skincare industry.

Our ultimate guide not only offers an in-depth analysis of Zicail’s commendable practices and products, but it also features a curated selection of other trusted manufacturers. Each of these manufacturers has been chosen for their dedication to exceptional quality, dependable production, and a strong track record of customer satisfaction.

We understand the significance of finding the right partner that aligns with your vision and meets your specific needs. That’s why we’ve researched and gathered a diverse range of manufacturers known for their commitment to excellence and customer-oriented approach.

So, prepare to immerse yourself in this ultimate guide. Let’s dive in!

1. Manufacturer Review

  1. 1. Global Cosmetics – Best for High-End Products

Country & City: Hong Kong

Established Date: 2004

Global Cosmetics has been operating in this industry since 2004. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of Hong Kong skincare products. They were experts in making premium skin care products and color cosmetics.  Is anyone wondering why they started this? It’s because it has been the dream of founder Judy Lau since she was a kid and it is through hard work and perseverance.

Factory Image:

Global Cosmetics Website

Key Product Line Intro: cosmetics and skincare products

Product Image:

Global Cosmetics Product

Takeaway Note:

Global Cosmetics is open to partnering with businesses of all sizes to form B2B partnerships. If anyone wants to be successful in business, it doesn’t matter even if it’s a startup or a well-known brand. But they may not focus on niche markets. Let’s say, for example, that a startup wants to ask for a specific product to be customized. There are times when they may not be able to address this.

  1. 2. Timeless Truth – Best for Innovative Brands

Country & City: Taiwan

Established Date: 2009

Timeless Truth is known for its creativity. It has been running since 2009. It has a strong focus on innovation, providing unique and cutting-edge sheet mask solutions. It is one of the reasons why they won several awards. In 2018, they won the Pure Beauty Award for their product, the Timeless Truth Mask Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Bio Cellulose Mask.

Factory Image:

Timeless Truth Website

Key Product Line Intro: skincare products

Product Image:

Timeless Truth Product

Takeaway Note:

Timeless Truth is a leading sheet mask manufacturer that is based in Taipei, Taiwan. They’re willing to work with new businesses, wholesalers, and marketers. But, their strong focus on new ideas may mean that their products cost more than those made by other companies. For example, if a business owner and don’t have a lot of money. They might not be a good match for you.

  1. 3. Zicail – Best for Overall

Country & City: China

Established Date: 1994

Zicail is an industry leader in OEM/ODM located in China. Our business partners gave us recognition. What was the best part? We are dedicated to research, innovation, quality, and safety. If a business, for example, wants to ask about MOQs, tailoring, and a price that fits their budget, we are happy to give them more than what they ask for.

Factory Image:

Zicail Website

Company Image:

Zicail Factory Image

Key Product Line Intro: skincare and cosmetic products

Product Image:


Takeaway Note:

Zicail is open to collaborating with startups, established ones, and large distributors. Why work with us? We have affordable rates, good quality, and fast lead times. Also, our team is passionate about everything they do. Let’s say, for instance, that the owner of a business wants a specific formulation. No need to worry about it, because our team of pros will make it easy for them.

  1. 4. Nox Bellcow – Best for Affordable Options

Country & City: China

Established Date: 2004

Nox Bellcow is a home manufacturer for most startups. It is known for its low-cost production methods and years of knowledge in the field. Looking at their website, I can see that they have received various honors. In 2016, they won the Hanhoo Awards for Best Partner.

Factory Image:

Nox Bellcow Website

Key Product Line Intro: skincare products

Product Image:

Nox Bellcow Product

Takeaway Note:

Nox Bellcow is willing to work with businesses that are trying to save money. It’s because they have options that are affordable, making them a good choice for skincare brands of all sizes. But, their focus on saving may limit the kinds of new materials and formulas they can use.

  1. 5. RainShadow Labs – Best Eco-Friendly Brands

Country & City: USA

Established Date: 1983

RainShadow Labs is one of the industry leaders in the US. Since 1983, it has been in business. They offer a wide range of items and services that are good for the environment. Also, because they care about animals, they don’t test on them. They are on the FDA list and are made with vegan recipes. From what I’ve seen, they are a part of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation on their website.

Factory Image:

RainShadow Labs Website

Key Product Line Intro: skincare and body care products

Product Image:

RainShadow Labs Product

Takeaway Note:

RainShadow Labs is a reliable business partner and is open to working with wholesalers, startups, and established ones. But, because they’ve been around for a long time, it may cost more to partner with them. For example, if a business lacks a budget, it may not be able to partner with them.

  1. 6. Leaders Cosmetics – Best for High-quality Formulations

Country & City: South Korea

Established Date: 2001

Leaders Cosmetics is a well-known company that makes sheet masks. They focus on creating excellent products and using new skincare technology and compounds. It’s to make great products for all kinds of skincare. And what’s the coolest thing? In the Elle article, the “What Happened Last Night Face Sheet Mask?” is highlighted.

Factory Image:

Leaders Cosmetics Website

Key Product Line Intro: skincare products

Product Image:

Leaders Cosmetics Product

Takeaway Note:

Leaders Cosmetics, which is based in Seoul, makes sheet masks. But, their focus on quality may cause production costs to go up, so set realistic goals. But, trust me! It is worth every risk. Why? It’s because they make high-quality products and they focus on customer satisfaction. It uses modern technology and ingredients for skincare. Also, they are willing to work with skincare companies and newbies.

  1. 7. Cosmedique – Best for Custom Formulations

Country & City: South Korea

Established Date: 1985

COSMEDIQUE has been running for 35+ years. From what I’ve seen, they have over 350 clients and 570 product developers. It used to make cosmetics in Korea, and the cGMP-certified equipment is still there. I’ve seen that their marketing planning team is made up of experts who know how to promote brands. It’s their goal is to help brands plan and make ideas.

Factory Image:


Key Product Line Intro: cosmetics and skincare,

Product Image:


Takeaway Note:

COSMEDIQUE is open to B2B partnerships such as enterprises, from startups to established brands. And the best part? The best thing about them is that they care about skincare and use modern technology. But, they might not have as many ways to customize as other companies. For instance, if a startup owner requests a unique formulation. There is a possibility that they can’t address it due to limited ways of customization.

2. 5 Factors When Choosing A Sheet Mask Manufacturer

Finding a reliable producer can be hard and take a lot of time. There are lots of things to think about. We want to know, in particular, if they agree with our business plans and goals. For me, as a business owner, for example, it’s important to verify that they maintain stringent quality controls. They must deliver promptly and have relevant work experience.

#1 Quality Control

According to Simplilearn that it is important to keep the company’s image in good reputation. It keeps products from being unreliable and makes consumers more confident in them. As a business owner, I think it’s important to make sure the manufacturer follows strict rules for quality control.

This table provides an overview of seven prominent sheet manufacturers, focusing on their country of origin, quality control standards, certifications, and the types of products they manufacture.

ManufacturerCountryQuality Control StandardsCertificationsProducts
Global CosmeticsChinaHighISO 22716:2007, GMPC, FDA, BRC, and othersODM and OEM cosmetics manufacturing
Timeless TruthsTaiwanHighISO 22716, GMPMask-based skincare products
ZicailChinaModerate to high (assumed)Not availableODM and OEM skincare products
Nox BellcowChinaHighGMPC, ISO 22716, EPA, FDA, and othersODM and OEM cosmetics and skincare products
RainShadow LabsUSAHighUSDA Organic, FDA, Leaping BunnyODM and OEM skincare products, essential oils
Leaders CosmeticsSouth KoreaHighFDA, GMP, ISO 22716, and othersSkincare and beauty products
Mask HouseHong KongModerate to high (assumed)Not availableSkincare and beauty products

#2 Customization Options

Look for a manufacturer that offers a wide range of customization options, including formulation, materials, packaging, and design. It’s to create products tailored to your brand’s unique needs and identity. For example, if you are a business owner and request for customization option, the manufacturer should be able to address that.

#3 Production Capacity

It is important to assess the manufacturer’s production capacity. It’s to determine if they can meet your order quantities and deliver products within the desired timeline, without compromising quality. For instance, if you are a startup owner and there is a large volume of orders from customers, in this scenario, the manufacturer should be able to produce more than what you need.

#4 Pricing and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity):

Based on my experience, startups should consider the manufacturer’s pricing structure and MOQ to ensure they align with the budget and production needs, while still providing a reasonable profit margin for their business.

#5 Experience and Reputation

Evaluate the manufacturer’s experience in the skincare industry, its track record with other brands, and its overall reputation. It’s to ensure they can deliver consistent, high-quality products that will support your brand’s growth and success.

3. Conclusion

Choosing the right sheet mask manufacturer is a critical decision that requires thoughtful consideration and extensive research. Through this comprehensive guide, we hope to have made your task easier and more informative. From Zicail, our top choice, to the other remarkable manufacturers we’ve highlighted, we’ve provided a range of options to suit different visions and requirements.

Contact us if you have more questions, need further guidance, or wish to discuss your specific needs, we are just a click away. Our team is ready and eager to assist you in making the best decisions for your skincare brand.

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